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The Centre for Insolvency and Financial Laws (CIFL) at MNLU Mumbai aims to act as a think-tank in furtherance of the principal objective of raising awareness about financial laws in theory and practice, as well as conducting high-quality research in the field to assist policymakers. 

The Centre is premised on the objective of establishing a culture of financial laws by educating the next generation of lawyers and law students through seminars, conferences, workshops and symposiums. The Centre will conduct national and international insolvency and financial law policy and regulatory studies. The Centre aims to advise and analyse current policy approaches to financial law, as well as advocate for financial law reform and policy implementation.

The Centre, because of its unique role, focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying insolvency and financial law problems and will engage in research, dialogue, and negotiation to facilitate systemic changes in the field. The Centre will undertake a variety of activities and endeavors ranging from research projects on the insolvency and bankruptcy laws, such as a study on the lacunae in said laws, seminars involving reputed individuals from the field, conferences, publishing an annual journal, etc.


The Centre publishes a monthly newsletter encompassing all the developments that emerge in the specific month along with critical analysis of the same thereby giving the readers a comprehensive view of the evolving jurisprudence..


The Centre also accepts regular submissions such as short articles, case comments or book reviews on contemporary topics surrounding insolvency and financial laws. The articles will be published following scrutiny by a double-blind peer review system.


An annual journal titled “The International Review of Insolvency and Financial Laws” will also be published under the aegis of CIFL. Authors from all around the world will be invited to contribute.

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